The IOA Corporate 5k Goes Virtual

After two postponements and a complete digital overhaul, the 2020 Insurance Office of America (IOA) Corporate 5k is now the IOA Corporate 5k Virtual. Take a look at the latest event updates listed below.

The Official 5k Announcement

In a recent Facebook post, the IOA Corporate 5k team made the following announcement regarding the annual Central Florida walk/run:

“Running in large groups continues to be challenging and of course in April when we postponed the event, we felt for sure things would be back to normal by October. However, it is, unfortunately, still too soon to physically ‘run’ together and stay safe while following the county’s and city’s mandates. But it is important for our community to continue the spirit of the IOA Corporate 5k and ‘Orlando’s Largest Office Party!’

We made the decision to hold the IOA Corporate 5k as a virtual race and are excited that our teams have the opportunity to run/walk and compete together, between Thursday, November 12 and November 15, 2020. Running ‘virtual’ means anyone can run or walk the race from anywhere and receive a great team-building experience, custom shirt, and race swag. Running ‘virtual’ also means we are helping our Central Florida charities during these difficult times.”

How to Participate in the Virtual 5k

Because this year’s 5k is fully remote, associates, coworkers, and team members outside of Central Florida can easily take part. To track progress, walker, and runners must download the REAL-TIME REMOTE RACING™ app. The app uses smartphone GPS to record participant distance and remotely share that progress with other walkers and runners during each day of the event.

Training for the Remote Walk/Run

Whether participants plan to walk or run the virtual corporate 5k, IOA wants to help them prepare. Everyone who signs up for the IOA Corporate 5k Virtual gains free access to two eight-week training programs — one for walking and one for running. Starting September 24, both exercise programs break down eight weeks of daily training tips that guide participants on how long to train, which type of activities to try, and when to rest.

IOA’s Mission for the Annual Event

Community involvement is one of the fundamental values at IOA. That’s why Orlando’s largest office party benefits multiple local charities: Track Shack Foundation, Second Harvest, and Christian Service Center. In a statement following the 2019 IOA Corporate 5k, IOA Chairman and CEO Heath Ritenour explained that contributing to local organizations has been a large part of the agency since his father, IOA Co-founder John Ritenour, started it. “From Day One, giving back has been a priority; it’s part of our DNA. And while we feel it is important to give back to every community we serve, Central Florida is home to our national headquarters and closest to our hearts,” said Ritenour.