Jacksonville Jaguars Announce Return to Classic Uniform Color

Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars have spoken, and the franchise has listened: the classic teal uniform will be returning after years of the not so well-received redesign from the traditional style. In addition to community opinion, the change also comes by way of the desire to rebrand and remake the team’s image. With the recent hiring of new head coach Urban Meyer, the NFL team is looking for a refresh in more ways than one.

The Historic and Popular Jaguars Color Returns

Teal was the Jaguars’ primary color since their 1995 inception through 2011. The color was totally unique within the league—no other team sported teal, whether it was a primary or secondary color—and it commanded a distinct style and presence.

The shift to the black alternate home uniform surfaced in 2012 and began a theme that would last through two redesigns and into 2020. The Jaguars now reserve that redesign for key game alternates, and teal is once again the defining color at the forefront of their future.

Looking Forward While Embracing Tradition

In an official team release, head equipment manager Jimmy Luck said, “We’ve heard the fans loud and clear. As the only team in the NFL that wears teal, we know what this color means to our organization, the 904 and our entire fanbase. Teal inspires great memories of some of our franchise’s greatest moments. Making the switch to teal as our primary uniform color allows us to celebrate that history while kicking off a new era of Jaguars football.”

IOA and the Jacksonville Jaguars – A Winning Partnership

Insurance Offices of America (IOA) is proud to team up with the Jaguars as part of the IOA Sports Partners Program. The program was established to fill a void as a leading specialist in comprehensive B2B solutions for teams, leagues, entertainment venues, municipalities, and the general business community.

With the recent head coach replacement, and now extensive rebranding and reimaging, IOA is excited to see where the Jaguars go in 2021 and beyond. While a simple color change might seem arbitrary, the Jaguars’ best years were under the teal banner. IOA co-founder and pioneer of the company’s IOA Sports Partners program, John Ritenour believes that new energy can be channeled with a recharge of tradition. “I’m excited to see the return of the Jaguars’ original uniform colors and the new directions the team will take under Coach Meyer. I wish him and our partners in Jacksonville great success.” He continued, “Go Jags!”

Along with their other historic Florida sports partnerships, such as the Orlando Magic and Orlando City Soccer, IOA joins Ritenour in wishing the Jaguars a great upcoming season.